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Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Christmas Holiday Greeting Cards available as ten pack or twenty packSanta Bunny rabbit Christmas cards available as ten or twenty packRabbit Christmas cards featuring an adorable combination of black and white sketch with sketch effect color ornaments and santa hat. Available as ten pack rabbit Christmas cards or twenty pack.Black and White rabbit wearing Santa hat and surrounded by poinsettia wreath. Rabbit Christmas cards available as ten and twenty pack.Black and White santa bunny surrounded by poinsettia wreath.  Available in note card size for cost savings on rabbit Christmas cards!Rabbit art Christmas cards, dreaming of a white Christmas. Available as ten and twenty packs.

Christmas cards featuring rabbit with tree and decorations. Available as ten and twenty pack greeting card size or as ten pack note card size.Rabbit Christmas cards featuring a beautiful rabbit portrait sitting in poinsettias.English Lop Rabbit Christmas holiday greeting cards. Rabbit Christmas cards featuring a portrait art of three rabbits under a Christmas tree with gifts. Available in ten and twenty packs as well as postcards.Myrrh Christmas Rabbit with a special gift for Christmas. Rabbit Christmas greeting cards available as ten or twenty packs. Christmas cards for rabbit lovers. Rabbit Christmas cards featuring a bunny in his white winter wonderland.

Black Rabbit Christmas cards for rabbit lovers. Rabbit Christmas cards featuring a bunny in his white winter wonderland.Rabbit holiday cards featuring a fuzzy grey bunny in a bed of snow on a starry and snow filled night.Rabbit seasonal greeting cards. White rabbit holiday cards featuring bunny amidst poinsettias.Rabbit Christmas cards show rabbit laying in wait under the Christmas tree. Available as ten and twenty packs of Rabbit Christmas holiday cards.Kissing white rabbits in a holiday wreath on these lovely holiday Christmas cards.Christmas rabbit dreams of peace. Christmas rabbit greeting cards available as ten and twenty packs, 5 x 7 size.Holiday rabbit family Christmas greeting cards in ten and twenty packs. Showing a stairway with stockings and rabbit on each stair.Christmas cards with Santa rabbit schmoe. Adorable holiday Christmas cards for rabbit lovers.White rabbit Christmas cards featuring three rabbits gazing out the window as Santa and sleigh pass by the moon. Adorable holiday cards for rabbit lovers.Christmas rabbit dreams of peace. Christmas rabbit note cards available as ten and twenty packs.

Maine Coon cat Christmas cards featuring cat in a planter with santa sleigh passing by the moon in  blue night sky. Ten and twenty packs available. Maine Coon Cat Christmas cards with snowy evergreens and ornaments surrounding. Available as ten and twenty packs. Peace on Earth inside. Golden Retriever dog Christmas holiday cards. Golden Retriever lays peacefully in a snowy scene with Christmas trees in background.Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies Christmas Cards. Chocolate lab dog Christmas cards. Puppies wearing santa hats. Ten and Twenty packs of puppy dog Christmas cards.Golden retriever dog Christmas cards. Ten and twenty packs available. Dog lovers Christmas cards!




A wide variety of gifts are available with matching artwork to greeting cards shown here!

Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mousepads, Mugs, Magnets, Buttons, Tile Coasters, Tote Bags, and more, all with your favorite portrait art by Evonne Vey.

Use a button, magnet or tree ornament as a gift decoration hanging from the bow on your package!

Rabbit Christmas tree ornament with art by Evonne Vey. Great holiday gift for rabbit lovers!
Rabbit Christmas Ornament
comes with ribbon to hang

Holland Lop Rabbit Christmas cards
Lop Rabbit Christmas cards
Dutch rabbit Christmas cards
Rabbit Holiday greeting cards
White Rabbit Christmas Cards
Black Rabbit Christmas Cards
Rabbit portrait art Christmas cards
Santa Rabbit Christmas cards
Rabbit in snow Holiday Cards

Maine Coon Cat Christmas cards
Golden Retriever dog Christmas cards

Fill a rabbit art mug with cookies or candy, wrap with celophane and tie a matching rabbit art tree ornament to the ribbon!

Labrador Puppy dogs Christmas mug great Christmas gift for dog lovers! Art by Evonne Vey.
Chocolate Lab puppy dog Christmas Mug
Great gift for dog lovers!


Dutch Bunny Rabbit Family, a pet portrait by artist Evonne Vey, available as rabbit gifts and rabbit Greeting cards Next Page: See more of Evonne's art available on everyday greeting cards, shirts, mousepads and many more products!

All images of artwork shown are copyrighted, and most are available for purchase as greeting cards, and on clothing and gift products. Please Click Here to read extended copyright information.
Do you have a special occasion coming up? Are your friends or family members well-intentioned but "shopping challenged"? For a gift you will always treasure, contact Evonne about commissioning a portrait of a treasured pet in the medium of your choice. Evonne will work with you or the gift giver to choose a medium that fits your taste and budget. Then you send pictures of your beloved pet along with information about his life with you, your (or your pet's) color preferences, and any other special requests. The gift-giver can send payment and have your gift sent directly to them. When your special day arrives, your gift will be a surprise that you know you will always treasure. ~ Kathy Smith

Original Paintings for Sale - all Mediums


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